Clover Configurator Review

There was a huge demand from non-Apple users for a system that could provide better control over their Clover EFI bootloader. Most users required a way that would ensure zero requirement of dealing with complicated workflows and commands. Thus, Clover Configurator became a go-to choice for many overnight. So, is all the hype around it worth it? Well, next a short yet detailed review of Clover Configurator is provided to answer this very question. So, do keep on reading!


If you are a non-Apple user and looking for a way to run macOS on your computer, then you must have heard of Clover Bootloader. It happens to be an open-source bootloader designed to help you boot macOS on your non-Apple hardware. You can easily configure the Clover bootloader with the help of this macOS application or tool known as Clover Configurator.

Hackintosh is a variant of a computer designed to run macOS on a non-Apple computer, and Clover Configurator is required to run macOS on a Hackintosh. So, downloading this application becomes a must for many. However, many existing users have provided maximum positive reviews because of the many beneficial features it offers.

One of the reasons behind its popularity has to be the fact that it is a free and open-source application. So, it is highly recommended that you download the tool to get an idea of all its beneficial features first-hand. Nevertheless, next up are some major features of this applicator.


1. Many booting options

The tool can provide many different booting options. So, users can choose as per their requirements or preferences. Some options available to you are as follows:

* SMBIOS settings
* Boot arguments
* Kext (Kernel extensions) injection

2. Different Kexts options

All users are provided with the option to install and also configure kexts as well.

3. Different SMBIOS options

You can generate SMBIOS settings with this tool. They are vital as macOS uses them for accurate software and hardware identification. You are also provided with the option to edit the settings.

4. Easy ACPI settings

ACPI or Advanced Configuration and Power Interface settings play major roles as well. Thus, this tool also features the option to edit the settings. So, this feature can be used to adjust the wake and sleep behavior.

5. Other key features

Some other features that should be mentioned here are the following:

* You can configure system parameters (kernel cache and boot volume for example)
* Personalize boot mode
* Graphics settings like resolution or framebuffer patching can be adjusted with this tool as well.
* You can adjust the performance of your CPU
* You can mount an EFI partition (storage for Clover and other boot-related files)
* You can install UEFI drivers (32bit and 64bit or 64bit)
* You are also provided with the option to disable certain drivers
* It offers many different pre-made and customizable themes

Clover Configurator has many other features providing many different benefits as well.


Here are some benefits that a user can expect if they download Clover Configurator when running macOS on a non-Apple computer:

* The tool is easily compatible with all popular hardware configurations
* Difficult tasks such as adjusting system parameters, boot options, graphics settings, and more can be done without manual configuration file edits
* With a user-friendly interface, you are getting a simplified process for configuring the Clover bootloader
* As a user, you will be allowed to adjust different relevant security-based settings (For example Gatekeeper and System Integrity Protection or SIP), resulting in an improved overall system security
* With customization options like SMBIOS settings, themes, kexts, and more, the tool allows for easy and accurate tailoring of the bootloader
* If configured correctly, the tool can ensure improved overall system stability allowing you to run everything in an optimal condition

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, Clover Configurator has many other benefits. There are some users reporting that they are finding the tool complex or facing loss of data-related issues.

However, such drawbacks can be avoided if proper knowledge about the tool is gained before its usage.

Compared to all the benefits the tool can provide, such minor drawbacks do not make any impact on the fact that this applicator is well-liked by many for its simplicity and effectiveness.


Now that you have an idea about this tool, the question running through your mind right now must be – Is it right for me? Hence, here are some reasons to install Clover Configurator that can help you to come to a conclusion:

* Easy and effective customization of boot options

This tool is also a go-to choice for users with macOS running on an Apple device. They can simply customize the boot options as desired with successful results using this tool. So, even with minimal to zero knowledge, a novice user can effectively optimize his/her overall system’s performance with the help of this easy-to-use application. If you are looking to escape the complexity of a bootloader, this tool becomes a must for you.

* A must in the case of a Hackintosh

If you are looking for an affordable, safe, or reliable non-Apple computer where you can configure the Clover bootloader, consider Hackintosh as it is simply the best option. To properly enable your Hackintosh, you will need Clover Configurator. Hence, consider only installing this tool when dealing with a Hackintosh.

* A stable and safe system with zero effort

You are running macOS on a system not primarily designed to support such an OS. Hence, bringing stability to your system is necessary for its optimal operation. This tool when configured accurately can provide the required stability that ensures the system runs as per your preferences and needs.

It makes the system reliable and safe as well. By adjusting security-related settings adequately with the help of this tool, optimal or improved system protection from different threats including malware threats can be expected.

The tool makes configuring and adjusting the different settings required for this advantage accordingly. There is no need to get involved in complex coding processes; the proper configuration of this easy-to-navigate tool makes the entire process quick and straightforward.


Now that you have reached the concluding paragraph of this detailed Clover Configurator review, hopefully, it is clear that it is indeed advantageous to install this tool. The tool comes with many different advantageous features (paid version features more) and an easy-to-navigate interface. So, do more research on this macOS application and install it properly today to enjoy everything this popular and helpful tool has to offer for its users.

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